"Only outside the EU would there be any chance of a UK that tried to promote a just and peaceful world."

After Brexit: a brief summary of the left case for Leave

In the wake of the recent UK “Brexit” referendum to leave the EU, many outlets are reporting the result as a right-wing success. However, the left case for Leave is strong and well-documented.

"It looks like a Klingon Bird of Prey." Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work

U.S. Navy releases robot ship into the wild

The U.S. Navy has developed an unmanned, fully autonomous robotic ship, apparently with inspiration from the Klingons. It’s slated for active duty in 2018.

You’ve still got the looks, Fallout 3

Fallout 3 still has the looks. While writing my thesis on Fallout 3, I installed 74 mods or so and went to town on screenshots. Honestly, I wasn’t putting them in there for the page count. These are a few of the more lively ones, most of which didn’t make the cut.

Modded Skyrim is gorgeous

A heavily modded Skyrim gallery. I like to think of myself as the Annie Leibovitz of Bethesda games, minus all the pictures of bougie-ass douchebags, addplus trolls and dragons.