We blog about culture and society from an everyday anarchist’s perspective. Expect a weird mixture of posts about food, nature, current events, and video games.

Our name comes from Joseph Proudhon’s 1849 book Solution of the Social Problem, in which he observes that liberty is “not the daughter, but the mother of order.” This phrase was later included in the masthead of anarchist journal Liberty (1881-1908). Today, the phrase has spawned a mutant derivation (as these things often do), “Anarchy is the mother of order,” partially as a response to the popular myth that anarchism is a politics of chaos. This saying is the source of the anarchist “circle A” symbol; the “circle” is in fact an “O” standing for said order.

While we don’t exactly advocate for anything in particular, our posts generally coincide with our worldview. We hope you enjoy what we provide.

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