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Let’s Play MechWarrior Online – Jenner (light mech) gameplay

In this video I offer a brief introduction to MechWarrior Online and play a round of Assault on the Frozen City map with one of the most popular Inner Sphere light mechs, the Jenner JR7-F.

Let’s Play Ghost in the Shell: First Assault (Team Deathmatch)

Over Ghost in the Shell: First Assault’s free weekend, I play a few rounds of Team Deathmatch. There are four maps in the video, which I think are PSS9, Urban City, Downtown Dejima, and Dubbing Site.

Bethesda Creation Kit raises concerns about the future of modding

Finally, the moment that Fallout 4 modders and players have been waiting for: as promised, Bethesda has released the Creation Kit. But is the repository and console mod release the beginning of the end for free modding?

Savage Lands IRL

Someone has figured out how to do Savage Lands IRL, and they put it on YouTube. Savage Lands is a nordic-style survive ’em up available on Steam for 14.99€.

You’ve still got the looks, Fallout 3

Fallout 3 still has the looks. While writing my thesis on Fallout 3, I installed 74 mods or so and went to town on screenshots. Honestly, I wasn’t putting them in there for the page count. These are a few of the more lively ones, most of which didn’t make the cut.

Modded Skyrim is gorgeous

A heavily modded Skyrim gallery. I like to think of myself as the Annie Leibovitz of Bethesda games, minus all the pictures of bougie-ass douchebags, addplus trolls and dragons.