In this video I offer a brief introduction to MechWarrior Online and play a round of Assault on the Frozen City map with one of the most popular Inner Sphere light mechs, the Jenner JR7-F.

MWO released for PC on September 17, 2013, and came out on Steam on December 10 of last year. In case you’ve missed it, this is one hell of a mech shooter. I only know of one other in the genre at the moment–Hawken. The latter is a thrill to play, albeit left in a kind of development limbo since the original publisher, Meteor Entertainment, closed its doors last March. Reloaded Games quickly bought the game, and there are rumors of a big update this year.

While Hawken is more of a typical FPS that just happens to be in a mech (which is awesome), MWO is a mech simulator. That is the best way to describe the differences between the two games. MWO is slower-paced, more strategic, and thoughtful. So if you like the idea of giant robots shooting lasers and missiles at each other, then by all means, give these free-to-play games a try. They’re both fantastic, but lately I’ve been enjoying the balanced tempo and character of MWO.