Someone has figured out how to do Savage Lands IRL, and they put it on YouTube. Craft a hut? Check. Build a stove? Got it. Make a bow and arrow? Done. I have watched every single one of this guy’s videos and I am fucking enthralled (thanks Colleen).

Savage Lands, by the way, looks to be a promising title in the Early Access Survive ‘Em Up frenzy currently unfolding on Steam, crowding a genre already occupied by the likes of Rust, The Forest, and dinosaur-riding favorite Ark: Survival Evolved. In case you’re not familiar with this particular iteration of the generic Minecraft-for-adults theme, here’s the original trailer:

Unlike other similar titles, most servers in Savage Lands are non-PvP, so if you decide to pick up the game, expect some good cooperative gameplay. With the latest rounds of changes, starting out is a lot easier, gathering and crafting are smoother, combat is more satisfying, and all of it can be accomplished alone, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun playing with friends.

The game is already in Beta, running the 5.3 Unity engine on the new island, which is a bit shocking for a genre whose games never seem to make it out of Early Access. Will developer Signal Studios be the first to make survive ’em up history?

Savage Lands is currently 14.99€ on Steam, but you might be able to pick it up for a third of the price when it goes on sale again.