For years now, socialists the world over have idealized and excused chavemadurismo in Venezuela, while anarchist dissidents writing from within the country have consistently shined a light on the state’s curbing of revolutionary tendencies and penchant for authoritarianism. A detailed North American anarchist account dating back to 2006, cleverly subtitled, “Socialism to the Highest Bidder,” describes Chavez’s unicorn socialist government as your run-of-the-mill “pink tide” government–neither very revolutionary, nor very effective at making gains and keeping them. Nothing new there.

Crickets vs. critics

I’m not surprised that the recent “Liberation and Protection Operation” (OLP), in which some 245 people were killed by state police and several blocks of the city of Valencia were completely wiped off of the map, has been largely met with crickets abroad, while in Venezuela itself the chavemaduristas continue to justify the state’s crimes. Some stories, no matter how many permutations we see of them, never seem to change.